California Statutes
Orange County Court Resources
Family Law Resources
  • Families & Children:  Information on the family courts, divorce, custody, support, paternity, adoptions, judgment enforcement, and other family law issues.
  • Divorce, Legal Separation & Annulment: Information on how to get a divorce, legal separation, or annulment and important forms.
  • Introduction to Restraining Orders: Information on where to find someone to help you or someone else who is suffering from domestic abuse.
  • Parentage: Introduction to parentage, how to establish parentage, cancelling a voluntary declaration of paternity, questions and answers, and related forms.
  • Adoption: Adoption forms and questions and answers.
  • Custody & Visitation: Information on custody and visitation orders, parenting and separation, custody mediation, supervised visitation, domestic violence and children, family court services, and related forms.
  • Support: Information on child, spousal, and partner support, including questions and answers about local child support agencies, how to collect support, the California Guideline Child Support Calculator, and related forms.
  • State Bar of California Family Law Publications
  • What Should I Know About Divorce and Custody?: English and Spanish publications covering everything from grounds for divorce to why you may need a attorney.
  • Can the Law Help Protect Me from Domestic Violence?:  English and Spanish publications covering topics such as what domestic violence is, how a restraining order works, and where to seek help.
  • Kids and the Law: An A to Z Guide for Parents:  English and Spanish publications addressing a number of issues important to parents of minor children, including curfews, emancipation, drugs and alcohol, dress codes, children’s privacy, truancy, juvenile court, crime (graffiti, weapons, fighting, etc.), and driving.
Mediation Resources
  • Family Court Mediation Services: Family Court Services list of mediation program services by county.
  • Child Custody Mediation: When you separate or divorce, you need to decide who will have custody of your children and how they will be taken care of. If you can’t agree, you must meet with a professional mediator before you can go to court.
Divorce News